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Now you can transact locally or overseas for a value of LKR 25,000/- or more and enjoy the convenience of settling it in monthly installments with the Extended Settlement Plan facility of SampathCards.

You can simply select a settlement option from 03 to 60 months and convert your transaction in to a monthly installment plan at a nominal handling fee.

Example - Transaction of LKR 100,000/-


 Period 3 Months   6 Months  12 Months  18 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
Handling Fee*
(LKR 600X3)
(LKR 600X6)
(LKR 600X12)
(LKR 500X18)
(LKR 500X24)
(LKR 500X36)
(LKR 500X48)
(LKR 500X60)

 *Handling fees are subject to change 


How to apply

To obtain this facility, Cardholders just have to call Sampath Bank Call Centre on 011 2 300 604 or hand over the duly completed Extended Settlement Plan (ESP) application form to Sampath Bank Card Centre, or any Sampath Bank Branch.

  Application Form      


Terms and Conditions

  1. The Extended Settlement Plan (ESP) is valid for all Sampath Credit Cardholders.
  2. The ESP facility will be subject to a monthly handling fee charged at a rate to be agreed upfront with Sampath Bank PLC at the time of converting the transaction.
  3. A transaction can be converted to ESP facility only within 90 days from the date of the transaction.
  4. The minimum transaction value shall be LKR 25,000/- and the maximum transaction value shall be LKR 500,000/-.
  5. Transactions shall not be combined when converting to installments.
  6. Only the full transaction value shall be converted under the ESP facility.
  7. The transaction will be payable during a 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 60 month installment period along with a nominal handling fee decided by the Bank.
  8. Stamp duty will be charged for the total transaction where applicable.
  9. In case the cardholder wishes to settle the ESP before the due period, the cardholder should inform Sampath Bank Card Centre in writing of his/her intention to close the Extended Settlement Plan on the card account.  In such event of an early settlement, a 4% early settlement fee shall be applicable from the remaining Extended Settlement Plan facility’s total outstanding amount.
  10. Not applicable for cash advance transactions and quasi cash transactions.
  11. Terms and Conditions appearing on the application for the Extended Settlement Plan (ESP) for Sampath Credit Cardholders and Standard Credit Card terms and conditions shall apply.
  12. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Sri Lanka.