Sampath Supreme Current Account

Sampath Supreme Current Account is a supremely elite account designed for our most respected account holders, who have placed their trust in us and have maintained a perfect record for more than three years.

The dedicated account with a gamut of benefits is on offer for clients who have not had a single cheque returned due to lack of funds for a minimum of three years and for having maintained a required minimum balance, while processing a required minimum number of transactions in a year.

Key Benefits

  • No charges on cheque redeposit
  • No charges on outward cheque returns
  • Printing the year on which the customer opened the account (e.g. “Customer since……..”)

Other general benefits

  • Credit within one day from any bank for Sampath current account cheques
  • Immediate encashment of cheques from any one of our branches located islandwide, even if you are not a holder of a Sampath Current Account.
  • Cheque clearing commissions are not charged for the cheques which are cleared in areas located away from Colombo.
  • Receive immediate SMS alerts of your cheque transactions on your mobile.
  • Immediate overdraft (OD) through the FLEXI facility which links all your Sampath Saving Accounts to your Sampath Current Account.
  • Sampath current account cheque book can be received instantly, without any additional charges.
  • Make immediate payments for all utility bills at any time, through our wide network of ATMs and our user-friendly internet banking solution – Sampath Vishwa.


No cheque returns during the past 03 years

Business A/Cs

  • Monthly average credit balance (last 12 months) - Rs. 30,000/- & above
  • Number of transactions during the (last 12 months) - Minimum 80

Personal A/Cs

  • Monthly average credit balance (last 12 months) - Rs. 20,000/- & above
  • Number of transactions during the (last 12 months) - Minimum 50

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