Sampath Bank Introduces Special Deposit Accounts

Another lucrative ‘financial first’ from Sampath Bank, the Sampath Special Deposit Account (SDA) is a unique foreign currency and LKR fixed deposit that has been approved and backed by the Sri Lankan Government. The Sampath SDA offers Sri Lankans here and abroad, the opportunity to enjoy additional rates and flexibility, while extending a gesture of goodwill to Sri Lanka and its people. The Account should be opened within a 24-month period starting from 08/04/2020 to 07/04/2022.

The advantage of the Sampath Special Deposit Account is that it is freely convertible and can be remitted outside Sri Lanka, upon maturity.

Key Benefits

Amazing Benefits

  • Higher interest rate than regular fixed deposits. 
    • 6 month deposits – 1 percentage point above the normal rate, per annum.
    • 12 month deposits – 2 percentage points above normal rate, per annum.
  • Freely convertible and remittable outside Sri Lanka, at maturity. 
  • The ideal opportunity for patriotic Sri Lankans and well-wishers to support people living in Sri Lanka and indirectly help in overcoming the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • Age limit - 18 years & Above 
  • Sri Lankans residing in and outside of Sri Lanka 
  • Dual Citizens 
  • Citizens of Sri Lankan origin residing in other states 
  • Non-national residents residing in and outside of Sri Lanka 
  • Funds, Corporate Bodies, Associations incorporated/registered outside Sri Lanka. Any other well - wishers.

Call 0112303050 for more details.

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