For Whom?

What's Special?

Key Benefits

  • The freedom to enjoy unlimited withdrawals per month. 
  • A Passbook to monitor the progress of your savings. 
  • Instant loan facilities up to 90% of the Account Balance. 
  • The account is accessible from anywhere through our island wide Branch/ATM network. 
  • Internet and Mobile Banking facility to access your account from anywhere, anytime. 
  • A host of additional features to enhance convenience.


  • Businesses registered in Sri Lanka 
    • Sole Proprietorship 
    • Partnerships 
    • Limited Liability
  • Business Registration 
  • Minimum initial deposit - Rs. 50,000/-

Other Info

Minimum average balance requirement

Minimum average balance to be eligible for interest (Rs.) Minimum average balance to prevent the application of service charge (Rs.)
Personal accounts 2,000/- 1,000/-
Business accounts 2,000/- 5,000/-
Sampath Vishwa accounts 2,000/- 1,000/-
Clubs & Societies accounts 2,000/- 5,000/-

Note: All accounts which do not meet the required minimum average balances will be subject to applicable service charges.

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