Do you dream about having your own business? Stop dreaming, now’s the time to make it happen. And if you are already a businesswoman, let’s move to the next phase.

Just for you, Sampath Bank introduces Sampath Saviliya, Business Loan Scheme to help and support women entrepreneurs.

Key Benefits

  • First year free of annual charges for Sampath Vishwa online banking. 
  • No initial charge on Sampath Credit Cards.


To be eligible for the scheme, at least one of the following criteria should be fulfilled:

  • If an individual borrower, individual should be a female 
  • In the case of joint borrowers, more than 50% of the borrowing party/ies should be females 
  • Sole proprietorships where the owner is a female 
  • Partnerships where more than 50% of the partners are females 
  • In the case of limited liability companies, more than 50% ownership should lie with one or more female Directors

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