We guarantee the safety of your assets through our Escrow Accounts and Custodian Services.  

Our Custodian Service provides safety measures for all your financial assets including equity, fixed income securities, Government securities, fixed deposits and Units, in both physical and electronic forms.  

Our personalized services are offered to a clientele consisting of Fund Managers, Insurance companies, Corporates, Financial Institutions and Individuals who want a reputed, reliable, and independent entity to safeguard their assets.  

We will facilitate a smooth and secure process for your transactions, offering our services as a trusted ‘independent’ intermediary for custody of electronic and physical assets. Our services accommodate direct transactions related processes such as acquisition of companies, purchase of assets, condominium development, energy projects, software development and large-scale contract payments. Transactional Escrow Services can also be facilitated.


Thisarath Bandara (Relationship Manager)

0762 430 989

Ranjaya De Silva (Junior Executive)

0776 467 231

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