There’s no better or a more secure place to save your foreign currency than the Sampath EXPAT Account (SEA). Enjoy a vast range of benefits through Sampath Credit Cards, that come with the joining fee and 1st year annual fee waived off, when you open a Sampath EXPAT Account with the minimum deposit.

What’s more, Sampath Bank also offers you an exclusive ‘Cash Back’ on purchases made with your Credit Card, based on the average balance maintained in your SEA. If you are travelling or living overseas, you have easy access to your SEA anytime, anywhere through Sampath Vishwa online banking or through debit cards.


  • Sri Lankans on Permanent Visas in foreign countries
  • Sri Lankans employed overseas on Working Visas
  • Dual Citizen, non-resident Sri Lankans
  • A minimum deposit of USD 1,500 or the equivalent should be made to the Sampath EXPAT Account (SEA) when obtaining the Credit Card

Key Benefits

  • An internationally accepted Credit Card from Platinum Category or above with joining fee and 1st year annual fee, waived off.
  • Supplementary Credit Card for immediate family members with joining fee and 1st year annual fee, waived off.
  • Eligibility for all local and overseas offers valid for your respective Sampath Credit Card.
  • Sampath Vishwa Online Banking facility with 1st year annual fee waived off for accounts opened until 1st April 2021.
  • Slab-wise Cash Back benefits by maintaining the minimum, average balance in your SEA.
Slab Minimum Annual Average Balance Maximum Cash Back
1 USD 5,000 Rs.15,000
2  USD 10,000 Rs.30,000
3  USD 15,000 Rs.45,000
  • Access to an exclusive Holiday Bungalow in Digana for Visa Signature Credit Card holders subject to availability at a nominal fee.
  • Airport lounge access for Sampath Visa Infinite, Visa Signature, Mastercard World, American Express Platinum Ultramiles Credit Cardholders - Lounge fee shall be reimbursed within the usage of Credit Card during the year up to the eligible slab amount.

How ‘Cash Back’ works

Scenario 1 - If a customer is eligible to receive a Rs. 30,000/- Cash Back, and if the Credit Card usage during the period exceeds the eligible amount, (example Rs. 50,000/-) the customer will receive the full entitlement of their Cash Back of Rs. 30,000/-.

Scenario 2 - If a customer is eligible to a Rs. 30,000/- Cash Back and if the Credit Card usage for the period has NOT exceeded the eligible amount, (example Rs. 25,000/-) the customer will receive their Cash Back only equal to the usage value of Rs.25,000/-


  • A Sampath EXPAT Account (SEA) can be opened in any designated currency.
  • Customers who open SEA accounts are required to subsequently obtain a Credit card to be eligible for the Cash Back.
  • The Cardholder shall be eligible for existing offers attached to the relevant Credit Cards.
  • Customers must adhere to the conditions on Credit Cards and special offers which will be published separately.
  • To be eligible for the ‘Cash Back’ offer, a minimum, annual, average balance should be maintained for a stipulated period which will be decided by the bank.
  • Please refer the PFCA account information for permitted credits/ debits of SEA
  • Please refer

    on additional details and conditions on the Digana Holiday Bungalow.
  • The maximum Cash Back amount will be the lowest of eligible benefits (Cash Back value) or the Credit Card usage in the designated year.
  • 110% of the Credit Card limit shall be placed under lien in SEA until cancellation of the Sampath Credit Card.
  • An additional balance should be maintained in the SEA, enabling the recovery of 100% of the monthly Credit Card statement outstanding, which will be settled using the balance in SEA.
  • The general Terms & Conditions of Sampath Bank shall apply.
  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Bank shall be final.
  • The Bank reserves the right to modify or change the Terms & Conditions of the offer.
  • The Bank reserves the right to amend/withdraw this offer at its sole discretion.

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