Key Benefits

  • Loan and Leasing Package - Features


  • The Account must be maintained for a minimum period of six months.

Personal Loans

  • Net income x 15 (up to a maximum of Rs.3 million)
  • Security
    • Salary should be remitted to the Bank.
  • Guarantors
    • Below Rs.0.5 million - no guarantors 
    • Above Rs.0.5 million - guarantors or any other acceptable security 
    • Repayment period of up to 60 months

Housing Loans

  • Interest Rate
    • 0.25% less from the applicable rates 
    • Eligible for Sevana professional Housing Loan facility

Vehicle Loans

  • Un-Registered/Registered
    • Tenure - Maximum repayment period 60 months 
    • Interest Rate - Exclusive rates applicable for Professional scheme 

Vehicle Leasing

  • Un-Registered/Registered
    • Tenure - Maximum repayment period 60 months
    • Interest Rate- 0.25% less from the prevailing rates applicable for Lease Facilities. 

Value Extras

  • 1% additional interest paid towards the Savings Manager Account 
  • SampathVishwa Internet Banking Facility & SMS Alertz Service FREE for the first year after registration 
  • Credit Card joining fee waived off 
  • Professional branded savings passbook and cheque book

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