DCSS is a web-based financing solution designed for Manufacturing/Trading Companies to assist in managing their cash flows. It also relieves these companies from the burden of handling the recovery of trade debts from distributors on the due dates. This solution is similar to an overdraft facility to the distributor.

This solution may also be used to finance dealers to purchase their stocks from a distributor.

The following two basic types are available for granting of DCSS facilities

  • A corporate credit limit is granted to the trading company without any obligation to the Bank from the dealers.
  • Individual credit limits are granted to each dealer without any obligation from the trading company.

Benefits to trading companies

  • Permanent credit limits offered to dealers
  • Follow up and recovery of debts handled by the bank
  • Settlement by the bank immediately or on an agreed future date
  • Administration cost reduced
  • Evaluation of the credit risk of dealer not required

Benefits to Dealers

  • Stocks are funded at competitive rates, based on their standing with the Trading Company
  • Flexibility of depositing funds through any branch of the bank, island-wide
  • Ability to expand current trading volumes
  • May negotiate with the bank for an extended credit period beyond the credit period allowed by the trading company

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