Key Points

Grade Maximum Loan Amount
Pre-Internship Rs 500,000/-
Internship Rs 1,000,000/-
Preliminary Grade Rs 2,000,000/-
Grade II Rs 3,500,000/-
Grade I Rs 5,000,000/-
Consultants Rs 7,500,000/-

Period of Repayment - Maximum of 7 years (For consultants repayment until 65 years, For Medical Officers repayment up to 60 years)

Key Benefits

  • The internet banking facility - Sampath Vishwa, is issued free of charge for the 1st year.
  • Eligible to obtain credit cards as follows
Grade Credit Limit Card Category
Intern Rs 200,000/- Platinum Card
Preliminary Rs 350,000/- Platinum Card
Grade II Rs 650,000/- Signature Card
Grade I Rs 800,000/- Signature Card
Consultant Rs 1,500,000/- Signature/Infinity

Further, there is an additional special loan scheme exclusively for the members of College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka (CCPSL)to finance the research cost in their post graduate studies.

  • Grace period 12 Months
  • Free Credit Card (Joining Fee and 1st year annual fee waived off)
  • No Guarantors
  • Sampath Vishwa (Free Registration)

Guarantor Requirement

  • For Pre-intern Doctors, the guarantee of an individual acceptable to the Bank should be obtained 
  • For loans over Rs 2.0Mn a personal guarantee acceptable to the bank should be obtained 
  • No guarantors shall be required for Consultants up to a loan amount of Rs 7.5Mn.

Other value additions

  • Housing Loan - Reduction of 0.25% from the prevailing rate
  • Leasing - Reduction of 0.25% from the prevailing rate
  • Permanent Overdraft facility - equal to 02 Month’s salary + fixed allowances

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