Scan & Pay

Pay with your phone

For anything

Now you can simply scan any LANKAQR code via WePay to pay any LANKAQR enabled merchant establishments around the island. This cashless payment method is secure, efficient and no transaction fee is involved. You can choose any account or card which is added to your WePay wallet as the payment instrument.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select “QR” option in the WePay menu
  2. Scan the QR code of the LANKAQR merchant
  3. Swipe and select the Wallet/Credit/Debit card or your Savings/Current Account from which you want to make the payment
  4. Enter the amount and confirm to complete the transaction

Transfer money

Bank to Bank money transfers

At anytime

With just a few simple taps on your screen, now you have the option to transfer money directly to your family, friends, and anyone else from your wallet card or any account/card added to your WePay. WePay provides you with the facility of transferring money to the wallet/ debit/ credit card or the account of any bank that belongs to the Payee.

All you have to do is:

  1. Select the ‘Transfer’ option in the WePay menu
  2. Select ‘Transfer to Friend’
  3. First Add Payee (Wallet/Card/Account)
  4. Select the added Payee
  5. Select the debit instrument (Wallet/Card/Account)
  6. Enter the required amount and submit

Bill Payment

Utility bill payments

From any of your credit / debit cards or account

Pay your bills effortlessly using WePay which gives you access to more than 100 billers ranging from utility bills, insurance, school fees, hospital bills and many more without any transaction fee. You can also make bill payments from any selected account/ card as per your requirement. Once the payment is successful, a receipt will be sent to your registered email account.


  1. Select “Pay” option in WePay menu
  2. Select the debit instrument (Wallet/Card/Account)
  3. Choose the biller
  4. Enter payment amount and details
  5. Submit to confirm the payment

Touchless ATM cash withdrawals

You can now withdraw funds from your accounts and cards at any Sampath Bank ATM around the island by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the ATM screen, doing away with the need to physically touch the surface of the ATM.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘QR’ option in the WePay menu
  2. Scan the QR code displayed on the ATM screen
  3. Swipe and select the wallet card / Sampath Credit/Debit card or your Sampath Savings/Current Account from which you want to make the withdrawal
  4. Enter the amount and confirm to complete the transaction
  5. Take out the dispensed cash

You can withdraw up to Rs 200,000/- per day via Touchless ATM Withdrawals.


Await for exciting offers !

How to get on-board

Using your Android or iOS device simply download the WePay app to experience new methods of payments. Customers of Sampath Vishwa, Sampath Bank personal current/saving account holders, account holders of any other bank and Mastercard or VISA credit/debit cardholders of any bank can now register themselves and add the accounts cards to Sampath WePay. 

General Registration

  1. Tap “Register with information” and enter your details
  2. Enter the “One Time Password” sent to your mobile number
  3. Set a PIN and you will be directed into the WePay wallet
  4. You can add your accounts and debit/ credit cards and you can apply for a wallet card as well

Login for Vishwa users

  1. Tap “Login with Vishwa” and enter Vishwa user name and password
  2. Enter the One Time Password sent to your Vishwa registered mobile number
  3. Nominate a password for WePay
  4. Set a PIN and you will be directed into the WePay wallet
  5. Your Vishwa accounts and cards will be available in WePay

Login via Social Media

  1. Tap “Registration” and “Sign up with Social Media”
  2. Select your preferred social media method to log in
  3. Enter the password of the social media method
  4. Complete the registration flow and you will be directed to the WePay wallet
  5. You can add your accounts and debit/ credit cards and you can apply for a wallet card as well

Key Benefits

To Customers

  • No annual or monthly fee
  • Real-time online transactions
  • Bill payments to over 100 billers with no transaction fee
  • Can be paid from any bank account or card
  • No need to carry cash or cards for day-to-day transactions
  • A single wallet to store all types of accounts and card details
  • Touchless ATM cash withdrawals

To Merchants

  • No set up fee
  • No monthly commitment
  • Extremely low merchant commission rates commission rate
  • Ability to accept debit/credit card based payments via any LankaQR registered/ enabled mobile app
  • Instant transaction notifications via SMS/ email


  • Sampath Vishwa customers
  • Account holders of any bank
  • Master or VISA credit / debit cardholders of any bank
  • Existing Sampath Bank current / savings account holders
  • Customers who do not have any bank account

To get onboard, you should possess a valid Sri Lankan NIC.

How to get onboard

How to become a merchant

WePay merchant facility allows business entities / individuals to accept LankaQR payments from customers. Proprietary / Partnership / Limited liability Companies, SMEs and individuals having a business can register as WePay merchants.

Duly completed Merchant Application and Agreement should be submitted along with the certified copy of Business Registration or trade license and other supporting documents.

Merchant should possess a Sampath savings or current account and the settlement funds will get credited to the respective merchant account on the following working day.


Any Sri Lankan citizen above the age of 18 years who bears a local National Identity Card may use WePay.

Individual, current or savings accounts of any JustPay issuer bank can be added to WePay.

The account enrollment OTP is sent to the mobile number, which is registered for SMS alerts from the respective bank.

Any active Visa/Master credit/debit card which has been activated for online transactions can be added to WePay.

A customer may self-register using an own mobile device; bank verification is not required to register or process transactions.

No annual/monthly charge or fee for WePay is given below:

Service Charges
App Sign up Free of Charge
Annual Service fee Free of Charge
Top up from other bank via Just Pay service Free of Charge
Funds transfer from wallet to wallet Free of Charge
Obtaining a Virtual wallet Card Free of Charge
Bill Payments Free of Charge
Merchant QR payments from wallet card/ debit card or account Free of Charge
Touchless ATM Cash Withdrawals from wallet card/ Sampath debit card/ Sampath account (per transaction) Rs 5/-
Fund Transfers to other bank accounts per transaction Rs 30/-
Fund Transfers to other bank credit cards per transaction Rs 30/-

WePay is a new virtual Visa wallet card, which contains a dynamic CVV and expiry date for each active user. This card can be topped up from other added accounts/cards and can be used to store funds. This card can be used for bill payments, merchant payments, fund transfers, Touchless ATM withdrawals and online payments. Only one wallet card is issued per individual WePay card.

Bill payments, LankaQR merchant payments, funds transfers, touchless ATM withdrawals, social share, request money, and online payments can be performed via any added account or credit/debit card.

OTP (One Time Password) is a security measure set to validate the entered mobile number. It is sent to the WePay registered mobile number of the customer. (For Sampath Vishwa user registration, OTP is sent to the Vishwa registered mobile number).

PIN is a safety measure to ensure the safety of this financial app.

The user may enter/set any 4-digit number they prefer as the PIN.

Whenever the previous PIN is forgotten, log out from the session and re-log in, then the user may set a new PIN number as per their preference.

Any smart phone device with Android, iOS. (Android version 7.1 & above).

For Vishwa users : The wallet card is automatically activated.

For Sampath account/Credit card holders : When the Sampath account is added, the wallet card is automatically activated.

Non Sampath customer : The user must ‘Apply for a wallet’ and should enter the requested KYC details. Then the customer should visit the nearest Sampath Bank branch to submit an individual KYC form and a copy of their NIC. Once these documents are submitted, the wallet card will be manually activated by Sampath Bank card centre.

Social Share is an exclusive method of sending money via a link, from WePay wallet card through social media such as WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, Telegram, Instagram or Email. To send money via Social Share, it is not required to know the beneficiary’s bank account details. If the beneficiary does not accept the payment within 24 hours it will be reversed to the sender’s wallet automatically.

  • Sampath WePay merchant facility allows business entities/ individuals to accept LankaQR payments from customers
  • Ability to accept payments from any LankaQR registered/enabled mobile app merchants
  • No set up fee or monthly commitment
  • Extremely low merchant commission rate
  • Instant transaction notifications via SMS/email
  • Settlement funds will be credited to the respective merchant account on the next working day
  • No daily limit for the merchant to accept payments

  • Self Password Reset via ‘Having Trouble Logging In’ option. Enter the requested details and the OTP sent to the registered mobile number to get the password reset
  • Visit the nearest branch
  • Send a request from the registered email address to

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