Experience the sheer luxury of banking over coffee

We believe that banking is about developing relationships. Hence, we always pursue building stronger ties with valued account holders such as you. Platinum Plus is a premium relationship package that combines exclusive banking, investments and a host of other financial privileges with élite, personalized service and value. It is designed to recognize and reward the relationship we share with you.

The Platinum Experience

When you join Platinum Plus, you are guaranteed an unparalleled banking experience at our Platinum Plus Center (Priority Banking), located at No.18, Cambridge Place, Colombo 07. Members enjoy privileges such as special parking facilities and an exclusive lounge area where they can enjoy a cup of coffee rather than standing in a queue, while a specially-appointed Personal Relationship Manager will take care of your daily banking needs. You’ll soon realize that at Sampath Bank, we are ever ready to serve you at any time, while you enjoy the most relaxing banking experience ever.

A Platinum Relationship

In order to strengthen the relationship with our valued account holders, we believe in extending personal attention and service. Hence, as a member of Platinum Plus, you will get the services of a Personal Relationship Manager (PRM) who will do your bidding and work to plan ahead, making sure that you get the best advantage of the right products and services. Via a phone call, fax, e-mail or even an SMS, you can let your PRM know exactly what you require, while you relax. You will also have access to expert advice for all financial needs – from independent loans and savings, to convenient banking. In fact, many of these products and services are tailored to suit your individual needs.

Unique Privileges

  • 24-hour telephone service through Call Centre. 
  • An ATM card with a daily withdrawal limit of Rs.200,000/-.
  • Dedicated, 360-degree banking, inclusive of a dedicated Relationship Manager to manage your accounts for an enhanced convenience.
  • Business conducted in a modern and futuristic space, inclusive of amenities, such as meeting rooms to host personal meetings.
  • E-Banking facilities such as:
    • Worldwide ATM facility 
    • Internet Banking 
    • SMS Banking 
    • Telephone Banking 
    • SMS Alerts
  • A branded cheque book and a monthly statement 
  • All day-to-day financial needs will be looked after within a single integrated account

Membership Criteria

Members are required to maintain a total balance of Rs. 20 million made up of deposits in Savings/Current, Time Deposit Accounts, or equivalent in Foreign Currency Accounts, or combination of Foreign and Local currency to the value of Rs. 20 million.

Contact Details

Cambridge Place "PLATINUM PLUS"(Priority Banking) 

No.18, Cambridge Place, Colombo 07 

Tel: +94 11 2695 073 / 237 

Fax: +94 11 2695 196 


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