Sampath Sevana Housing Loans – Get the Flexible Advantage!

Now, for the first time in Sri Lanka, there’s a housing loan that actually gives you complete flexibility to pay it back! The Sampath Sevana Housing Loans comes with the wonderful advantage of flexibility, a benefit of great value amongst today’s potential homeowners. Now you don’t need to just settle for a cut and dried payment plan to make your dream home a reality. With Sampath Sevana, you have 6 different repayment plans, each offering a unique solution that can even be tailor-made to suit your requirements. So no matter what your needs are, we guarantee you, we have the solution that suits you.

Come, apply for a housing loan through Sri Lanka’s most flexible housing loan, even if you are 55 years old, and pay it back using a method convenient to you. We ensure a fast and efficient service that can be obtained from Sampath Bank’s island-wide branch network.

You can select a series of affordable housing loan solutions to suit your lifestyle and income and the key benefits are:

  • A unique option that allows you to obtain a housing loan even at the age of 55 
  • If you are a professional, we have a housing loan scheme with a repayment option to suit your income 
  • A standard housing loan scheme commensurate with age and repayment capacity

Sampath Sevana Housing Loans enable you to:

  • Purchase a house 
  • Construct a house 
  • Purchase a bare land & construct a house for residential purposes 
  • Complete construction of a partially-built house 
  • Renovate, modify or extend an existing house


Who can apply for a Sampath Sevana Housing Loan?

  • Sri Lankan citizens 
  • Who have a regular Net Individual Monthly Income exceeding Rs. 60,000/-

How much can you borrow?

  • The maximum loan amount is determined considering the repayment capacity & the Forced Sale Value (FSV) of the property as stipulated by the Bank. 
  • To purchase a house or to purchase a land and construct a house, you can borrow up to 70% of the total cost of the housing project. 
  • To extend or renovate your house, you can borrow up to 90% of the bill of quantity(BOQ) value

Security / Insurance:

  • Mortgage over the same property or another immovable property, which is acceptable to the Bank. 
  • A mortgage protection policy to guarantee repayment of outstanding amount in the case of a contingency.


  • Maximum period of 25 years or until the borrower reaches the age of 60 
  • Monthly installment of the loan should not exceed 40% & the total deduction should not exceed 60% of the total monthly income 
  • A six-month grace period will be allowed for repayment in case of construction. Only the interest should be paid monthly during this period

Documents to be submitted :

1. Application (Can be downloaded)

2. Consent of the vendor indicating the selling price( Only for purchase of a land or residential property ).

If employed,

  • Confirmation letter covering designation, salary, allowances , period of service .. 
  • Undertaking from the employee, to remit the salary to Sampath Bank account of the customer. 
  • Salary slips for last six months

In case of other income,

  • Bank statements for last 6 months. 
  • if applicable 
    • Certificate of Business registration 
    • Income tax particulars for the past 3 years 
    • Financial statements for the past 3 years

3. Legal Documents:

i. Copies of the title deeds 

ii. Survey plan referred to in the Deed which is duly approved by the Local Authority. If this is more than 10 years old, a new survey plan, duly connected to the former plan, is required ( If approval is not required, a letter issued by the Local Authority to this effect) 

iii. Certified original extracts of the property for last 30 years (to be obtained not less than one month from the date of application ) 

iv. Local Authority certificates (Issued within the last three months). 

     - Street Line/Building line 

     - Non vesting

     - Ownership certificate 

     - Tax receipts/Assessment Notices

4. In case purchase of a residential property or construct a house:

  • Approved Building plan (If approval is not required, a letter issued by the Local Authority to this effect) 
  • Certificate of conformity (COC) - Only for purchase of a residential property 
  • Bill of quantities acceptable to the bank (Applicable only for construction of a house)

5. Insurance:

  • Decreasing Term Assurance Policy (DTAP) to cover for the full loan amount , assigned to the Bank 
  • Fire, SRCC and subversive insurance cover obtained and assigned to the Bank

Condition: The bank may request additional details/documents if needed.

Key Benefits

  • Are payment period of up to 25 years 
  • Loan disbursement in 10 days (if documents are in order) 
  • Flexible terms and conditions 
  • Affordable interest rate 
  • Housing loans can be obtained from our islandwide branch network

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