'Kalin Cash' from Sampath Bank is a unique fixed deposit that pays out interest upfront at the time of opening the account, unlike traditional fixed deposits where interest is paid at a later date (Monthly / Maturity). 'Kalin Cash' stands out with its innovative interest payout scheme.

This product addresses the issue of high inflation by allowing investors to obtain their returns upfront. A valuable advantage for every investor, as returns received at a later date can potentially lose value due to the increasing inflation rates in the country.

Sampath Bank takes pride in being the sole provider of this innovative product in Sri Lanka. This one-of-a-kind offering presents account holders with an incredible incentive to capitalize on the benefits offered by one of the nation's most trusted financial powerhouses.


  • Sri Lankan citizen over 18 years of age
  • Valid identification document (National Identity Card (NIC), Passport)
  • Minimum initial deposit - Rs. 25,000/-


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