Sampath General Current Account

Sampath current account enables you to easily issue or deposit cheques with complete freedom and while enjoying the full convenience of modern-day banking. You need not step in to the branch at which you have opened your current account in order to operate it. Since all our branches are electronically linked, all your cheque transactions can be performed at any of our branches. You can also view and initiate any number of transactions of any nature, by using our user-friendly Internet Banking facility too.


Minimum deposit required to open a Sampath Current Account:

  •  Personal Current Account Rs. 15,000/-
  •  Business Current Account Rs. 25,000/-

Special deposit limits applicable at selected branches:

Personal Current Account

Bambalapitiya Branch Colombo Super Branch
Rs.50,000/- Rs.50,000/-

Business Current Account

Bambalapitiya Branch Colombo Super Branch
Rs.100,000/- Rs.100,000/-

For more details, contact the nearest Sampath Branch Manager or call us on +94 11 2 30 30 50

Our Cheque Clearing Times

  • Sampath Bank cheques deposited to Sampath Bank Accounts - Credit will be given the same day.
  • Other Bank cheques deposited to Sampath Bank Accounts - Credit will be given on the next working day by 3.00 pm (all our branches accept cheques till 3.00 pm).

Key Benefits

  • Credit within one day from any bank for Sampath current account cheques.
  • Immediate encashment of cheques from any one of our branches located island wide, even if you are not a holder of a Sampath Current Account.
  • Cheque clearing commissions are not charged on cheques which are cleared in areas located away from Colombo.
  • Receive immediate SMS Alertz of the cheque transactions on your mobile.
  • Immediate overdraft (OD) through the FLEXI facility which links all your Sampath Savings Accounts to your Sampath Current Account.
  • Sampath current account cheque book can be received instantly, without any additional charges.
  • Make immediate payments for all utility bills at any time, through our wide network of ATMs and our user-friendly internet banking solution – Sampath Vishwa.

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