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Sampath Corporate Credit Division

Sampath Bank understands the growing demand of your business and is geared to provide you with products and services to move ahead with the challenges and to become a winner in the corporate world. Sampath Corporate Credit Division is ready to partner with you to shoulder the burden of financial management in your business, leaving more time for you to focus on the other strategic aspects of your business.


Sampath Corporate Credit Division offers a range of financial products and services both long and short term, which include but not confined to the following:

  • Term Loans

For financing permanent working capital requirements or purchase of fixed assets with a flexible and tailor-made repayment plan to suit individual situations and cash flows.

  • Leasing Facilities

For purchasing vehicles, machinery or equipment, this facility is offered at competitive rates of Interest along-with with following benefits:

    • Simple and easy documentation
    • Tailor-made facilities to suit your cash flow.
  • Money Market Loans

In order to bridge any short term cash deficits in your business this facility is offered to you at interest rates linked to the Money Market Rates.

  •  Overdrafts

This facility is offered to finance your day to day working capital requirements with a maximum limit depending on your cash flow deficit. Unlike in loan facilities, overdraft interest is charged on the daily usage hence you have the option to reduce the interest cost by depositing your daily collection.

  •  Bank Guarantees

Based on the requirement of the project undertaken by you we offer various types of bank guarantees to suit your requirement:

    • Bid Bonds, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond etc.
    • Letters of guarantee
    • Custom duty guarantees
  •  Trade Finance Facilities

We are ready to understand your business requirements and offer you with structured trade finance solutions to suit both your imports and exports requirements whilst maximising your return.

  •  Imports
    • Documentary Credit
    • Acceptance
    • Import Short Term Loans – Revolving
    •  Import Hypothecation Loans / Trust Receipt Loans
    • Pledge Facilities
    • Standby Letters of credits
  •  Export Related Facilities
    • Packing Credit
    • Export Bills Purchasing Facility
  •  Dealer Financing

A unique financing programme, Dealer Financing is a facility offered by Sampath Bank where we provide working capital finance to your dealer network which will help you to improve your cash flow whilst providing credit sales to your valued dealers.

  •  Corporate Payment System

Not only your business related requirements but we are ready to take over part of you administrative functions as well as a Corporate partner. At Sampath Bank we are ready to handle your pay role and other outward payment requirements with a system based solution which will expedite the payment process whilst reducing your administrative costs.

Manoj Akmeemana
Deputy General Manager Corporate Credit
Telephone: +94 112 358 358 / +94 115 600 600 /114 730 630 Ex: 130
Direct: +94 11 2 300 947 / 114 730 130
email: manoj@sampath.lk

You can also visit our offices located at 1st Floor, Sampath Centre, No. 110, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo – 02 to know more about the services available through our Sampath Corporate Credit division