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Overview of Development Banking Division

The Bank recognized the need for focused resource allocation to service the MSME sector (Micro Small & Medium Enterprises) in 1987 and as a result, the Development Banking Department was established with a vision to be a premier Development Banking solution provider by positively contributing towards the Socio-economic development of the nation. Since then, the Bank has made significant inroads to the development of business sector of the country.

The Development Banking Department consists of staff experienced and knowledgeable in project evaluation and financing. They are also engaged in advising, guiding and assisting the branch network where necessary. All refinance credit lines are centrally administrated and co-ordinated by the Development Banking Department.

The Development Banking Department focuses on business start up and expansion financing, mainly utilizing the credit lines available to the banking industry as well as concessionary funds sourced from our own funding base & the Investment Fund Account (IFA).

Assistance to the MSME

The MSME sector is well recognized for its contribution in term of employment, innovation & economic dynamism & also considered as an engine of growth playing an essential part of a healthy economy

Sampath Bank has played a pivotal role in assisting MSMEs, qualifying to be eligible to almost all credit lines made available to the banking industry & offering a wide range of products & financial solutions to the MSMEs.

Assistance to Large Enterprises

Our team is highly competent in offering tailor-made financial solutions to the large enterprises irrespective of what stage they are in. Due recognition is given to the role that the large enterprises are playing in the national economy & Development Banking Department offers the complete range of facilities to help the business grow further. Our team can generously contribute their industry knowledge in shaping up your business.

No matter from which part of the country/globe you are from, at Sampath Bank Development Banking Department, you can experience a warm welcome, friendly service, the promptness in delivering the best financial solutions for your business at attractive & flexible terms. With our development banking solutions you can only expect success as we take care of your business in every step.

Start –Up Projects

Customized financing solutions are provided to new enterprises. These loans are considered on flexible terms and proceeds could be utilized to finance capital assets, working capital and to meet pre operational expenses.

Expansions, Relocations & Diversifications

Financial support is given to existing enterprises to expand the business activities & to move up to the next level. Loan proceeds could be utilized to acquire capital assets & to finance incremental working capital requirement. Further, financial assistance is also available for relocation of factory premises as well as diversification activities of the enterprises.

Working Capital financing

Existing operating Enterprises could obtain term loans and overdrafts to finance their working capital requirements in line with business needs.

Bridging Finance

Short Term Loans are given to start up or existing Enterprises to finance short term business requirements until regular or next stage of financing is obtained.

Other Facilities

In addition, Products like Leasing, Trade Financing, (Import And Export Related Services) and Bank Guarantee facilities are offered by the department.

For further details please contact:

Tel : 0115406294 / 0115406970
Fax : (+94) 115361640
E-mail : refinance.ofc@sb.sampath.lk