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Foreign Currency Housing Loans

This housing loan scheme is specially designed for Sri Lankans who are working abroad having a monthly income either individually or jointly with spouse. You can start building your own home even you are away from the mother land.

Purpose :

  • Purchase of a house or Land.
  • Construction of a house.
  • Purchasing a bare land & constructing a house for residential purposes.
  • Complete the construction of a partially built house.
  • Renovate, modify or extend an existing house.

Have a Current / Savings Account and NRFC account with Sampath Bank PLC.

Period :

Maximum repayment period will be 05 years and should not exceed the balance period of employment abroad.

Loan Amount :

  1. The maximum loan amount is determined, considering the repayment capacity & the Forced Sale Value (FSV) of the property as determined by the Bank
  2. To purchase a house or to purchase a land and construct a house, applicant can borrow up to 70% of the total cost of the housing project.
  3. To Extend or renovate your house, applicant can borrow up to 90% of the bill of quantity (BOQ) value.
  4. Loan will be in USD and proceeds of loan will be released only in Sri Lankan rupees.
  5. Repayment should be made in foreign currency through the NRFC account.


Any balance in the loan account at the time of returning to the island at the end of the period of employment shall be settled in full by using the applicant’s savings and terminal benefits.

In addition to the monthly loan installment, applicant shall remit 10% (Minimum) of the monthly installment to his / her separate NRFC account to keep as a reserve.

Security :

  1. Primary mortgage over the property on which the facility to be granted.
  2. Another property owned by the applicant can also be considered for mortgage on a case by case basis.
  3. Lien on foreign currency deposit.

Documents to be submitted :

  1. Application (Can be downloaded)
  2. Letter from employer stating that Net salary, Allowances, Designation, Period of service including the period of balance employment.
  3. Last 06 months salary slips.
  4. Last 06 months bank statements.
  5. Copy of the service agreement.
  6. Copy of the passport/Visa.

Legal Documents:

  1. Copy of the title deed
  2. Copy of the survey plan
  3. Certified extracts for last 30 years
  4. Local Authority certificates.
    • Street Line/Building line
    • Non vesting
    • Ownership certificate
    • Tax receipts/Assessment Notices
  1. In the case of construction
    • Approved building plan and
    • Bill of quantity (BOQ)
  1. In case of purchase of a house,
    • Consent of the vendor indicating the selling price
    • Certificate of conformity (COC)