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Enjoy a new era of virtual banking with Sampath Vishwa

Sampath Vishwa is the unique internet banking facility from Sampath Bank, which offers you a total online banking experience. Unlike regular internet banking, Sampath Vishwa is a complete online process that fits appropriately into your busy lifestyle.

  • Responsive design - Vishwa automatically adjusts itself to fit the screen, making it easily accessible with any device the customer uses
  • Financial calendar - Along with bank holidays displayed as a calendar
  • Create your own Username and Password
  • Open new accounts*
    • Savings Accounts (Double S, Hit Saver, Sanhinda Saver)
    • Fixed Deposits
    • NRFC Accounts**
    • RFC Accounts**
  • View Sampath credit card transaction details, balances online in real-time.
  • Link third party accounts/credit cards to your profile
  • Access account information
    • Account balances
    • Transaction history
    • Cheque status
    • Stop payments
    • Status of deposited cheques
  • Fund Transfers
    • Between own accounts
    • To third party accounts (Sampath Bank/other banks)
    • To credit card accounts (Sampath Bank/other banks)
    • Fund transfers to any other bank accounts through the Common Electronic Fund Transfer (CEFT) system, is available at Sampath Vishwa.
    • Sampath Mobile Cash transfers (Pay on ID) 
    • Payment Exchange Name (PEN) - Nickname based real-time person-to-person or peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system 
  • Fund Transfer Daily Limits
    • Transfer between your own accounts at Sampath Bank – Unlimited  
    • Transfer to registered accounts at Sampath bank – Rs.2,000,000/-  
    • Transfer to registered accounts at other banks – Rs.2,000,000/-  
    • Transfer to registered third party credit cards Rs.250,000/- 
    • Transfer to unregistered Sampath Bank accounts – Rs. 1,000,000/- 
    • Sampath Mobile Cash – Daily Limit Rs. 200,000/- (Per transaction Rs. 10,000/-) 
    • Payment Exchange Name (PEN) – Rs. 500,000/- 
    • Customers can schedule transfers 
  • Utility bill payments
    • Save personal bill details as payment templates for future use
    • Schedule payments for designated accounts and utility companies
  • Requests
    • Cheque books
    • Current account statements
  • Stop Payments
    • Stop Payments of cheques can be made by the customer by selecting the cheque number and the account number via Sampathvishwa.
  • Customize
    • Change your password
    • Own username

* Conditions apply when opening an account online – For non A/C holders / ** New Customers



  • Existing Sampath Bank Account Holders
  • Noncustomers can use the facility by opening an Account online via www.sampathvishwa.com
  • Sampath Bank Credit Card holders, even if you do not have an account with the Bank


Technical Support/Information:

Click here to contact your nearest branch

General Information:

Telephone: +94 11 2 30 30 50
E-mail: info@sampath.lk
Fax: +94 11 2305 481