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Sampath PayApp is a revolutionary mobile app introduced by Sampath Bank PLC for Sri Lankan citizens. Sampath PayApp enables you to pay for anything at a shop or on a website conveniently. It also enables you to send money to anyone who is already a PayApp customer. With Sampath PayApp, your phone becomes your wallet.

There are two Apps in Sampath PayApp’s system

a) Customer App: used by consumers to pay merchants or send money to someone

b) Merchant App: used by merchants to collect payments from PayApp users

Key Features

Activate on your own using the mobile banking PIN*

View account balance

Send money to another PayApp user

View history of transactions

Multiple payment methods

  • QR scan
  • Encrypted sound
  • Remote Pay

[ * Mobile Banking PIN (Telebanking PIN) ; All SET card holders are enabled for free mobile banking, contact your most convenient branch to obtain the PIN, if you have not got it already. ]


Key Benefits

No physical cash is required

No need to carry your wallet

Make payments using your Mobile phone

Direct payments from your bank account

Free of Charge

Sampath Bank rupee account holders who are above 18 years.

How do I get the App?

Just download from Apple App store or Google Play store and create an App login PIN code. This first PIN code enables you access to your App. Then you can activate your accounts using your mobile banking PIN* (2nd PIN).

* 2nd PIN Mobile Banking PIN also known as the Telebanking PIN
All SET cardholders are automatically enabled for mobile banking free of charge. If you do not use mobile banking or have forgotten the PIN, contact your closest branch to obtain and reactivate mobile banking PIN.

This 2nd PIN authorizes you to reset passwords, and perform transactions of value more than Rs10,000/-. 

Scan the QR codes below to download the Customer Sampath PayApp 




How do I pay?

Sampath PayApp gives you several innovative payment methods;                                          

  • If you are at a shop or supermarket
    • Scan the Merchant’s QR code and select pay
    • Enter the amount, place your phone next to merchant’s phone and select pay by sound. 
  • If ordering via phone or paying on behalf of someone
    • Provide your PayApp ID to the merchant / call center agent and when the payment is initiated confirm the transaction to pay
    • If the delivery guy gives you a QR code or a QR code is printed on your invoice or bill, scan the Merchant’s QR code, confirm the transaction to pay
  • If you are paying through a website
    • Scan the Merchant’s QR code, enter the amount and confirm the transaction to pay or
    • Enter your PayApp ID in the website to initiate the transaction and then confirm the transaction to pay

How do I get the Merchant Sampath PayApp?

Download the app and follow the initial set up. You have to visit your nearest branch to get the facility activated.

Merchant Sampath PayApp is available only on Google Play store for the moment. We are in the process of releasing the iOS version shortly.


Download Merchant Sampath PayApp


What do I get as a Sampath PayApp Merchant?

  • Get money immediately to your account when someone pays you with Sampath PayApp
  • No additional devices required, only your Android phone
  • Free Web portal for view transactions and other administrative functions
  • No physical cash handling
  • View past transactions
  • Electronic receipts for you and for your customer
  • Quick and easy payments allows efficient collection of money

In addition to the merchant App, for large-scale organizations a direct integration of the merchant function with their cashier machines is available. Other options available for corporates include direct integration with e-commerce websites and real time connectivity with back end ERP systems.


Download Merchant Application Form

  Application Form      


Web portal

Please visit below link for additional details on transactions


Password Reset

  1. Visit https://apps.sampath.lk/sampathpayapp/login
  2. Select Forgot your Password Link
  3. Follow the instructions


Contact Details

Electronic Banking Unit, 
Sampath Bank PLC, 
6th Floor, 
110, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, 
Colombo 02.

Telephone: +94 11 2 30 30 50 
E-mail: info@sampath.lk 
Fax: +94 11 2305 481



Electronic Banking Unit, 
Sampath Bank PLC, 
6th Floor, 
110, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, 
Colombo 02.

Technical Support/Information:

Telephone: +94 11 4730 555 (8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all bank working days)
E-mail: sampathvishwa@sampath.lk

General Information:

Telephone: +94 11 2 30 30 50 
E-mail: info@sampath.lk 
Fax: +94 11 2305 481