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Sampath Instant Loan is another first for Sri Lanka, providing an online real-time lending facility, only from Sampath Bank. It’s an automated cash margin loan facility, which allows customers to obtain a loan in rupee terms against an existing rupee fixed deposit (excluding Kalin cash and Easy FD), through Sampath Vishwa Online Banking.

The minimum amount that can be applied for is Rs. 5,000/- and the maximum amount is limited to 90% of the fixed deposit amount to an upper limit of Rs. 25,000,000/-.

  • Loan could be obtained online in real-time

  • No branch visits

  • No need to provide fixed deposit certificates

  • A maximum repayment period of up to 60 months is allowed

  • Ability to select the repayment frequency (Monthly/Maturity)

Customers who wish to obtain this facility need an operative account with Sampath Bank, a fixed deposit under their name and Sampath Vishwa online banking facility.