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Convenient banking services with Sampath Bank App

Banking is now far easier with Sampath Bank's all-new, free app which offers a world of convenience. Now you can download the App from the Apple App store and the Google Play store and its enhanced features benefit both Sampath Bank customers and non-customers.


Sampath Bank App for Apple iPhones / iPads and all Android devices.

The Sampath App is compatible with Apple iPhones/iPads (iOS version 6.0 and above) and Android devices (version 2.3 and above).

Our unique features:

  • Sampath Vishwa Account Services - 
    Access the Sampath Vishwa online banking portal through the app. It allows you to make balance inquiries, view account history, transfer funds to an account with Sampath Bank or any other commercial bank, pay bills, manage funds, open other accounts, inquire or stop cheques, and more.

  • Search for Branches & ATMs -
    This feature indicates your position, road map to nearest Sampath Bank branches and Super Branches, Sampath Bank ATMs, addresses and contact numbers. You can also search for branches or ATMs in a different city.

  • Enable or Disable Auto-Positioning in the Service Locator Map - 
    Disable the auto-positioning when using the Service Locator, so you can freely scroll the map without been repositioned to the user’s GPS position

  • Special Promos & Offers -
    Instant alerts on seasonal credit and debit card offers and other great deals.

  • Financial Calculator -
    An easy-to-use feature to calculate loan rates, installments and interest rates.

  • Exchange Rates -
    Stay up-to-date on currency exchange rates.

  • Interest Rate Page -
    View interest rates for Sampath Bank’s Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits and other financial products.

  • Push Notifications -
    Get notifications on special promotions and offers without opening the app.

  • Credit or Debit Card Inquiries -
    Alert and notify the bank quickly about stolen or lost credit or debit cards. This feature could also be used to make other inquiries.

  • Connect to Social Media -
    Share exciting promotions and offers on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media sites with a single click.

  • View YouTube Videos -
    View YouTube videos from Sampath Bank on the app.

  • Free Email Service -
    Contact Sampath Bank with ease and make inquiries via this email feature. A bank representative will get in touch with you and attend to your needs as soon as possible.

  • Sampath Bank Products & Services -
    In-depth details and information on features of products and services from Sampath Bank.

  • Animated Backgrounds -
    The app changes its background in real-time without the need for an update from the store.

  • App Updates Notifications-
    Be notified of new Sampath App versions and update immediately with easy access to the app store.

  • Navigation Scroll for Special Offers -
    Navigate our promotional pages and find deals with ease.

    The Sampath App is compatible with Apple iPhones/iPads (iOS version 6.0 and above) and Android devices (version 2.3 and above).