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  • Overview

What is it?

Sampath Bank Cash Deposit Kiosk is an online bulk cash acceptor. This sophisticated service is available to anyone who wants to deposit cash into a Sampath Bank account. It eliminates the hassle of waiting at cash counters.

Main features

  • Lets customers self deposit cash to any active current or saving account maintained in Sri Lankan Rupees.
  • Instantly credits account.
  • Lets you deposit up to Rs.200,000/- at a time.
  • Identifies and accepts all denominations of currency notes (from Rs. 10/- to Rs. 5,000/-)

Please note:

  • Depositor’s NIC & Mobile number should be entered when making deposits.
  • The machine does not accept deposits that require entering of reference numbers such as credit card payments, utility bill payments, deposits to collection accounts.