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What is it?

It is a pre-paid VISA card exclusively designed to make payments for purchases via the Internet there by reducing the risk of fraud. The card is re-usable by topping up to the desired value. It is available in the following denominations.

  • Rs. 2,500/-
  • Rs. 5,000/-
  • Rs. 7,500/-
  • Rs. 10,000/-

Card features:

After utilizing the balance in the card account, you can top it up again for any value.

Validity: The card will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

Maximum Foreign Currency Transaction Limit will be USD 125/- per week.

Annual Card Fee:

  • Sampath Customers - Rs. 500/-
  • Others - Rs. 1000/-

Who are eligible?

Sri Lankan citizens above 18 years.


Initial payment & replenishment of funds could be made by;

  • Cash
  • Sampath Bank cheque
  • Fund transfer from any Sampath Bank savings or current account
  • Fund transfer from Sampath Credit Card Account subjected to a cash advance fee.

What are the benefits?

  • Secure method of making payments on the Internet.
  • Immediate credit to the card account for cash payments & fund transfers from Sampath accounts.
  • Risk of using the card on the Internet is limited to the balance available.

How to apply?

The WEBCARD applications could be obtained from any Sampath Bank branch / Card Centre or can be downloaded from the link available in the page. Duly completed applications could be submitted to the Card Center or any Sampath Bank branch .

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