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While other credit cards could burden you with as many as 28 charges, SampathCards levy only 04 charges, which include Card Fees, Cash Advance Fee, Late Payment Fee and Interest. Moreover, Sampath Infinite and Signature cardholders are free of the Late Payment Fee, which means they are levied only 3 charges in all.

Unlike other cards, there is absolutely no fuel surcharge when you purchase fuel with your Sampath Credit Card. This means that you pay the same amount as you would if you pay cash.

Sampath Bank offers Free Overseas Travel Insurance to cardholders even if they do not purchase air tickets with their Credit Cards. Currently Sampath Bank is the only bank to offer this super value feature.

As a Sampath credit cardholder you are also able to select your own payment due date. This makes things so convenient.

If you avail yourself of the facility of obtaining Supplementary cards, you can also decide on their limits. This way you are fully in control of spending and costs incurred.

Furthermore, you enjoy truly 0% interest payment plans. You are offered the option of choosing a 12 month, 24 month or 36 month plan to suit your needs. What’s more, in many instances SampathCards offers to waive off the last installment as an additional reward.

Free SMS Alertz keep you up to date on all purchases made, whilst alerting you about possible theft.

For those of you who are constantly on the move with busy schedules, you have access to a free eStatement facility for your convenience. This allows you to follow up on your statements at anytime from anywhere.

As a Sampath Credit Cardholder you can avail yourself of iconic offers ranging from Feast Fest and Feast Free dining to Stay For Free deals at leading hotels, U Shop V Drop discounts at a multitude of retail stores, Holidays On Sale offers for overseas trips, Super Market discounts, Entertainment offers and many other exciting features.

All these real value deals with the unmatched service which is synonymous with Sampath Bank make Sampath Credit Cards the wisest choice.