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Sampath Children’s Savings Account

Sampath Bank understands the value of providing a secure future and what is best for your child. Sampath Children’s Savings Accounts help parents to achieve their dreams and the dreams of their children. These accounts support your children with the right association, experience and exposure that will allow them to be more knowledgeable and standout amongst peers, while receiving better returns on savings for their future.

Two accounts are available to select from:

  • Sampath Pubudu
  • Sampath Sapiri

Initial Deposit - Rs. 500/-

This account comprises numerous benefits to help teach your child the value of saving, the pleasure in the habit of saving and guarantees a gamut of exciting gifts and fun activities.

By Opening a Sampath Pubudu Children’s Account, your child receives:

Rs. Gift
500/- Till
5000/- Water Bottle
10,000/- School Bag
25,000/- Lego Set
50, 000/- Scooty
100,000/- Drone or Helicopter
200,000/- Mountain Bicycle
300,000/- Tab
500,000/- Home Theater System
1,000,000/- X Box/PS4/42" Led TV

"To enjoy the benefits of the new scheme, existing Pubudu 'Triple S' accounts should be transferred to the new scheme. Also, you would be eligible for new gifts once your account balance reaches the next level of the gift scheme"

Sampath Sapiri pays a higher interest and is considered as the investment account for minors.


Common Benefits for both account holders

  • A tour to Singapore accompanied by a parent for the Top Depositors in a single year.
  • Grade 5 scholarship achievers will be reward as follows.
Grade 5 scholarship achievers Schools of Grade 5 scholarship achievers
  • Ranked Island's 1st Rs. 150,000/-
  • Ranked Island's 2nd Rs. 100,000/-
  • Ranked Island's 3rd Rs. 75,000/-
  • Rs. 10,000/- each for top 5 achievers of each district
  • Rs. 25, 000/- to the school of the child ranked 1st in the district
  • Rs. 20, 000/- to the school of the child ranked 2nd in the district


Moreover, every Sampath Bank Children’s savings account holder who obtains a mark over the District cut-off mark will receive a special medal and certificate.

  • Eligibility to the Reward Scheme is by having a minimum balance of Rs.5000/- in your Pubudu or Sapiri account prior to the year 05 Scholarship Examination date.

By maintaining a balance of Rs. 100,000/- or more, your child also receives the following additional benefits:

  • Free annual Healthcare Insurance cover of Rs.100,000/- for hospitalisation expenses in any emergency.
  • Free annual Personal Accident Insurance of Rs.100,000/- for a parent and the child.

Sampath Sapiri Children's Savings Account

6.00 % ( w.e.f. : Sunday, September 01, 2019 )

Sampath Pubudu Children's Savings Account

4.5 % per annum
(w.e.f. : Sunday, September 01, 2019 )