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Sampath Children’s Savings Account

Sampath Bank understands the value of providing a secure future and what is best for your child. Sampath Children’s Savings Accounts help parents to achieve their dreams and the dreams of their children. These accounts support your children with the right association, experience and exposure that will allow them to be more knowledgeable and standout amongst peers, while receiving better returns on savings for their future.

Two accounts are available to select from:

  • Sampath Pubudu
  • Sampath Sapiri

Initial Deposit - Rs. 500/-

  • Attractive gift scheme 
Account Balance  Gift 
Rs.500/-  Till 
Rs.10,000/-  School Bag 
Account Balance  Gift Voucher Value  
Rs.25,000/-  Rs.2,000/- 
Rs.50,000/-  Rs.3,000/- 
Rs.100,000/-  Rs.6,000/- 
Rs.200,000/-  Rs.10,000/-
Rs.300,000/-  Rs.12,500/- 
Rs.500,000/-  Rs.25,000/- 
Rs.1,000,000/-  Rs.50,000/- 

Visit your nearest Sampath Bank branch for more details 


Minimum average balance requirement:

Minimum average balance to be eligible for interest Rs. 1000/-



Sampath Sapiri pays a higher interest and is considered as the investment account for minors. 

Minimum average balance requirement:

Minimum average balance to be eligible for interest Rs.1000/-

Common Benefits for both account holders

  • Every Sampath Bank Children's Savings account holder who scores over the district cut-off mark at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination, will receive a special medal and certificate.
  • To qualify the above, maintain a minimum balance of Rs 5,000/- in a Sampath Pubudu or Sampath Sapiri account, prior to the exam.

Sampath Sapiri Children's Savings Account

5.0 % ( w.e.f. : Friday, November 20, 2020 )

Sampath Pubudu Children's Savings Account

4.0 % per annum
(w.e.f. : Monday, July 20, 2020 )