Overseas Travel Insurance Cover for Sampath Credit Cardholders

Overseas Travel Insurance Cover offered by SampathCards in partnership with Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd is a significant value addition available for Sampath Credit Cardholders.



Any holder of Sampath Bank Sampath Visa Infinite, Visa Signature, Mastercard World, Mastercard Platinum, Visa Platinum, Sampath Bank American Express® Platinum Ultramiles Credit Card or Mastercard / Visa Corporate Credit Card including Supplementary Cardholders of each card described above issued by Sampath Bank PLC, 

- Who is no more than 75 years of age and/or his/her immediate family and

- Who has purchased their return air tickets using the said cards or if

- Sampath Bank Credit Card aggregate usage is a minimum of LKR 100,000 during the preceding 12 months for any card at the time of claim intimation, date of departure or the issue date of the Travel Insurance confirmation letter.


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Cardholders are kindly requested to advise the bank in advance and obtain a Travel Insurance confirmation letter prior to their departure from Sri Lanka, which will be MANDATORY in order to enjoy the benefits offered under this cover. This requirement is valid for Supplementary Cardholders and immediate family members as well.



Cardholders can request for a Travel Insurance confirmation letter from Card Centre by providing their travel related information through,

- Sampathvishwa online banking service or

- By sending an email request to card_center@card.sampath.lk or

- By handing over a written request to the nearest Sampath Bank branch or

- By making a request to Customer Care Centre via 0112300604    


It will take up to 2 working days to arrange a Travel Insurance confirmation letter from the time of customer request received. 

** Sampath Visa & Mastercard Gold/Classic Cardholders & Sampath Bank American Express® Everyday Credit Cardholders could obtain the Platinum cover at a fee of LKR 2, 500/- (including taxes) per card / per annum / per upgrade.