As the pioneer in Digital Banking, Sampath Bank introduces 10 Digital Services heralding a new era in banking. The new range of services will enhance the bank’s relationship with customers, while enabling them to access key banking services online, at their own convenience.


Sampath 10 Digital Services


1. Sampath Mobile App 

Fulfill your banking needs through your mobile phone. Once the app is installed, you can access information and perform the banking transactions on the go. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.  



2. Sampath Safety Locker App

 The only mobile app in the country that allows you to reserve safety lockers through your mobile phone prior to visiting a branch. It also lets you analyze the location and physical measurements before choosing a locker.



3. Sampath Pawning e-pay

Repay your pawning advances through “Sampath Vishwa”, the Online Banking platform. This service will help you to avoid delays in repayments, prevent paying additional fees and the need to physically visit a bank to make your payments.



4. Sampath Missed Call App

Enjoy our Missed Call Banking facility on your wearable device. With just one touch, you’ll be updated on your Sampath Bank account balances and also receive special offers and more.



5. Sampath e-enrol

Enjoy ultimate peace of mind by opening your accounts while being at home. With Sampath e-enrol, simply submit your information. The service will significantly reduce the time taken at the bank filling forms. Once your details are submitted online, you will only have to visit a branch to open the account.

e-enrol Form



6. Sampath e-signature

Place your signature digitally at our branches which will be automatically inserted and instantly updated into your forms.



7. Sampath e-ID

With e-ID, priority customers* will be recognized immediately via an RFID tag. This means you will be recognized immediately whenever you visit any of our bank branches.

(*The priory customers will be chosen at the discretion of the bank) 



8. Sampath e-loan Application

To make your life a little easier, our online application system now allows you to upload all your supportive loan documents in PDF format or as images, saving time .By visiting the respective branch later on, the bank will process your loan facility.

e-loan Application



9. Sampath Loan Card

This one-of-a-kind new service lets you obtain an advance against your Fixed Deposit 24/7 through your loan Card, without the need to submit an application for a loan. This special ATM card will allow you to make withdrawals through all Sampath ATMs island wide.



10. Sampath Pay Easy

Now any MasterCard or VISA credit cardholder can pay bills online using Sampath Pay Easy. This easy-to-use payment system facilitate payments ranging from utility bills, insurance, school fees, hospital bills and much more.