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:: Welcome to Sampath Bank PLC ::
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What is it?
It is a Debit card (plastic card with a magnetic stripe), which could be used at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point Of Sale (POS) terminals. It is to be used with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for added security.
  What is a Debit Card?
The debit card is internationally recognized as a deposit access product, has been introduced to many parts of the world since it's acquisition by MasterCard international.
Sampath Bank is proud to announce that it has the distinction of being the first to introduce this product in the entire South Asian region. In 1998 the Asian Banking Digest awarded it as the Outstanding New Business Venture.
Now for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, “Sampath SET card” is being issued over the counter in “active status”. This provides the customer the opportunity of using the card as soon as they obtain it from the branch.
  Now the SET card could be used in approximately 610,000 Cirrus ATMs Worldwide and 27 million Maestro point of sale terminals.
  In Sri Lanka there are approximately 150 Maestro POS terminals, and the SET card could be used at petrol stations, supermarkets, shopping malls depicting the Maestro sign.
  Apart from the Bank's customers, foreigners having the Cirrus/Maestro card too can use the facilities during their stay in Sri Lanka.
  Who are eligible?
  Sampath Bank personal accountholders.
  What are the benefits?
Have access up to 8 accounts:
- 4 current accounts.
- 3 savings accounts.
- 1 NRFC account.
Can get supplementary cards for family members to operate the same accounts.
Can perform the following transactions at any SET machine;
- Balance Inquiry request for statement.
- Withdraw cash.
- Cheque Book request.
- Transfer funds to other accounts.
Can perform the following transactions at any ATM linked to the Cirrus network
  both in Sri Lanka and abroad.
- Balance Inquiry.
- Withdraw cash.
Pay for purchases at merchants who have POS terminals connected to the ‘Maestro’ network both locally and abroad (‘Maestro’ is the Debit card network of MasterCard).
- Can avail of the SET - Family CARD facility.
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