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Sampath Professional Account

You have strived hard to get to where you are today. We understand the countless efforts and the sacrifices made for the achievement of this goal, so that your loved ones can enjoy a better tomorrow.

The Sampath Professional Account reflects your elevated professional status better than any other financial tool. Not only does it enhance your life with numerous unmatched benefits, it drives you on the fast track to success, makes you ‘someone to watch’ and a ‘real professional’.

Loan and Leasing Package - Features

  • The Account must be maintained for a minimum period of six months.
Personal Loans
  • Net income x 15 (up to a maximum of Rs.3 million)


  • Salary should be remitted to the Bank.


  • Below Rs.0.5 million - no guarantors
  • Above Rs.0.5 million - guarantors or any other acceptable security
  • Repayment period of up to 60 months
Housing Loans

Interest Rate

  • 0.25% reduced from the applicable rate
  • Eligible for Sevana and Professional housing loans
Vehicle Loans


  • Up to 70% of the vehicle valuation
  • Repayment period of up to 60 months


  • Up to 70% of the vehicle valuation
  • Repayment period of up to 60 months
  • Vehicles must be within ten years of the year of manufacture
Vehicle Leasing-Brand New and Unregistered
  • Repayment period of up to 60 months
  • 0.25% reduced from the applicable rate
  • Leasing of up to 70% of the vehicle value 


Value Extras

  • 1% additional interest paid towards the Savings Manager Account
  • SampathVishwa Internet Banking Facility & SMS Alertz Service FREE for the first year after registration
  • Credit Card joining fee waived off
  • Professional branded savings passbook and cheque book


  • 23 years and above
Monthly Income (Salary + Fixed Allowances)
  • Private sector employees and self-employed professionals earning Rs.75,000/- and above
  • Government sector employees earning Rs 35,000/- and above (Staff grade government servants and reputed professionals working in the government sector)
  • Account may be joined with the spouse. The spouse will be jointly entitled to the special loan scheme and other special benefits, only if he/she fulfils the eligibility criteria.

A minimum of Rs.25,000/- should be deposited in the account on a monthly basis. In case the customer fails to deposit the said amount for a consecutive period of six months, the account will be transferred to the normal category.