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Outward Investment Accounts allow “Resident Investors” to invest in shares of companies incorporated outside Sri Lanka and sovereign bonds issued by foreign governments and governmental organizations.

For Whom?

Resident Investors (individuals and entities) given below:

Category 1: Companies other than the companies limited by guarantee, registered under the Companies Act No 07 of 2007

Category 2: Partnerships registered in Sri Lanka

Category 3: Individuals residing in Sri Lanka

Types of Accounts

  • Accounts in the form of Foreign Currency Savings, Companies and Partnerships or individuals

Permitted Credits

  • Proceeds of a loan obtained from a foreign source with prior permission from the Controller of Exchange, in order to finance an overseas investment
  • Inward remittances received as dividend payments from an overseas investment
  • Proceeds from the sale and maturity of sovereign bonds
  • Profits, margins and surplus funds received from Overseas Offices
  • Interest earned on funds lying to the credit of the account

Permitted Debits

  • Payments for acquisition of shares in overseas companies and sovereign bonds
  • Setting up and maintenance costs of Overseas Offices
  • Bank charges, broker fees and commissions related to the investments made through the OIA
  • Withdrawals in Sri Lankan Rupees

*Condition apply