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The Non Resident Non-National Foreign Currency Accounts scheme is for non-resident foreign nationals to open and maintain accounts in designated foreign currencies.

For Whom?

Non-nationals either on a temporary visit to Sri Lanka or intending to visit Sri Lanka

Types of Accounts

  • Accounts in the form of Current Accounts or Savings Accounts

Permitted Credits

  • Inward remittances received in favour of the account holder
  • Foreign Currency in the form of traveller’s cheques, bank drafts or designated foreign currency notes brought in to the country by the account holder after declaration of the amount to Sri Lanka Customs during the visitor’s temporary visit to Sri Lanka
  • Interest accrued on the funds held in the account
  • Transfers from FCBU account of the account holder or the company on whose behalf the temporary visit to Sri Lanka is done.

Permitted Debits

  • Withdrawals in Sri Lankan Rupees for local disbursements
  • Withdrawals in Foreign Currency
  • Outward remittances

*Condition apply