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What is it?

Diplomatic Foreign Currency Account (DFA) & Diplomatic Rupee Account (DRA) Schemes have been designed for Foreign Diplomatic Missions, Diplomatic Personnel and their family members living in Sri Lanka. Diplomatic Foreign Currency Accounts can be operated in selected foreign currencies and Diplomatic Rupee Accounts in LKR.

For whom?

  • Foreign Diplomatic Missions
  • Diplomatic Personnel and their family members living in Sri Lanka

Types of Accounts

An account can be opened in the form of a Current Account, Savings Account or a Fixed Deposit

Diplomatic Foreign Currency Account (DFA)

Permitted Credits

  • Proceeds of inward remittances
  • Designated foreign currency brought into the country by the account holder after declaration of the amount to Sri Lanka Customs
  • Interest payable in foreign currency on funds held in the account

Permitted Debits

  • Repatriation outside Sri Lanka
  • Withdrawal in foreign currency or in Rupees to meet the local expenses of the account holder
  • Transfer to DRAs converted into Sri Lankan Rupees

Diplomatic Rupee Account (DRA)

Permitted Credits

  • Transfers from DFAs converted into Sri Lanka Rupees
  • Interest payable in Rupees on funds held in the account
  • Refunds, reimbursements and payments due to the account holder from any person or institution in Sri Lanka

Permitted Debits

  • Local expenses of the Account holder
  • Any other transaction approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Remittances to parties/accounts outside Sri Lanka with the prior approval of the Controller of Exchange

*Condition apply