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Trade Services @ sampath

Approach Trade@Sampath for Imports, Exports or any other trade related requirements. From then on you will realize how smoothly and conveniently your transactions are processed at our one-stop shop. A wide range of services coupled with a friendly trade team creates the uniqueness of Trade@sampath in the highly competitive environment.


Advantages of our Trade Shop

  • With the expertise and the know-how, our “Trade Team” is able to offer you professional advice, which gives you a cutting-edge advantage, to be the first to seal a trade deal.
  • The pleasing, comfortable & friendly environment, backed by a renowned, professional, and committed customer care team.
  • Flexible customer hours to fulfill your instantaneous needs.
  • Offshore banking facilities to cater to your specific needs.
  • The best rates of exchange offered in the market.
  • Global presence through a large network of correspondent banks

For Import Trade Shoppers we offer a diversified and complete range of facilities, which include:

  • Speedy establishment of Letters of Credit
  • Establishment of Letters of Credit online at your convenience, through Sampath Vishwa.
  • Prompt confirmation of our Letters of Credit by our Correspondents throughout the Globe, at competitive prices.
  • The Flexibility of advising Letters of Credit to a named bank by your suppliers choice.
  • Checking of your documents by professionals to ensure their strict compliance with the Letters of Credit terms.
  • Handling of Documentary Collection bills by professionals.
  • Speedy notification of the arrival of your original shipping documents through SMS Alertz.
  • Issuance of shipping guarantees to eliminate delays in clearance.
  • Financing of Imports through Pledge, Trust Receipt and Import Loans in both local and foreign currencies.
  • Online access to your Import transactions, past and present and other daily updates at your convenience through Sampath Vishwa.



Customer Service Unit

Corporate & FCBU Customers : +94 11 4730 179 / 183 / 184
Commercial & Development Banking Customers : +94 11 4730 193 / 182
Branch Customers : +94 11 4730 177 / 192 

Import Documentary Credits +94 11 4730164 / 5 / 148
Import Documents : +94 11 4730177-9 /195 / 524 / 149
Import Documentary Collections : +94 11 4730 156 / 145 

E-mail: tradeservices@sampath.lk

A wide range of services for Export Trade Shoppers….

  • Speedy advising of Export Letters of Credit.
  • Prompt confirmation of Letters of Credit.
  • Checking of your documents by professionals to ensure their strict compliance with the Letters of Credit terms.
  • Purchasing/ Negotiation of Letters of Credit and Collection bills
  • Same day dispatching of Export Bills.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of payments.
  • Status Reports on buyers
  • SMS Alertz gives you a notice when your account is credited with export bill proceeds.
  • Online access to your Export transactions, past and present at the convenience of your office through Sampath Vishwa.



Export Documentary Credits : +94 11 4730196 or 143
Export Documentary Collections : +94 11 4730157-9 / 4730 166 / 4730 180

E-mail: tradeservices@sampath.lk

Sampath Bank revolutionises your world- making Imports and Exports hassle-free and ultra fast.

Welcome to Sampath Vishwa Corporate Trade; the customised trade facility, tailor made especially for businesses in Imports and Exports. Sampath Vishwa Corporate Trade saves your precious time, making your life easier and more convenient. It allows you to request and amend Letters of Credit and inquire about your trade transactions. You can do all this online at your convenience from home or office. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Super faster Processing
    • Avoid the usual visit to the bank to handover Letter of Credit and Amendment Applications for processing.
    • Request Letters of Credit and Amendments to Letters of Credit with a few simple mouse clicks.
    • Letter of Credit and Amendment Applications are sent electronically using state-of-the-art security
  • Receive and print Letter of Credit and Amendment Copies
  • Save time with templates
    • Create Letter of Credit Applications with easy-to-use templates eliminating the need to fill out lengthy paper forms.
    • Store templates to avoid recreating Letter of Credit Applications.
  • Single and dual control modes
    • Set up the front end services according to your company’s security policies,
    • Ability to separate data entry and authorization functions among your employees.
  • View and print all your Import and Export Letter of Credit , Documentary Collection Bill details, past operations and other daily updates, online and in real time.
  • Instantly check Import Bills received.
  • Settle Import Bills.
  • Send authorised requests to the Bank.



Customer Service Unit : Tel +94(0)114730177-9
E-mail: tradeservices@sampath.lk