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New Customer Registration (e-Enrol Form)

New Customer Registration Form


Accounts Opening Mandates

Download Form  Personal Individual Savings Account

Download Form  Personal Joint Savings Account

Download Form  Personal Individual Current Account

Download Form  Personal Joint Current Account

Download Form  Term Deposit Accounts

Download Form  Minor Savings Account

Download Form  Notice of Nomination & Acknowledgement for Nomination

Download Form  Additional Information of Foreign Nationals / Non Residents

Download Form  Risk Categorization Form

Download Form  Accounts for registered companies

Download Form  Accounts for registered proprietorships

Download Form  Accounts for registered partnerships

Download Form  Accounts for associations, clubs and societies

Download Form  Additional Information for Term Deposits


Other Applications

Download Form  PayApp Merchant Application

Download Form  Irrevocable Documentary Credit Application

Download Form  Application to Amend A Documentary Credit

Download Form  Application for Debit Cards

Download Form  Application for Telebanking / SMS Banking / Mobile Reload & Payment

Download Form  Account Statements/Advices by E-Mail Terms, Conditions & Indemnity

Download Form  Application to Extend E-Remittance to Mobile Cash


FATCA Documents

Download Form  Declaration for Complying with Rules and Regulations Imposed by Foreign Governments

Download Form   Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals) - W-8BEN

Download Form   Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification - W-9


Sampath Credit Card Application Forms

(Please sign on each page when submitting your application)

Download Form Credit Card Application - English

Download Form Credit Card Application - Sinhala   

Download Form Credit Card Application - Tamil 

Download Form Supplementary Credit Card Application   

Download Form Credit Card Balance Transfer Application Form

Download FormExtended Settlement Plans Application Form

Download Form Credit Card SMS Alertz Application   


Sampath Bank American Express® Cards Application Forms

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Download Form Ultramiles Credit Card Application

Registration of Email/Mobile No. for Loyalty Programme

Download Form Everyday Credit Card Application


Web Card Application Forms

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Download FormWeb Card Application  


Housing Loan Application Forms

Download FormSampath Sevana Application   

Download FormPreliminary Application for Credit Facilities

Download FormLoan Guarantor’s Statement


Investment in government of Sri Lanka treasury Bills/ Treasury bonds for citizens of Sri Lanka and SIA Account holders

Download FormTo invest in government  

Download FormTo opening lanka secure cds account

Download FormMaster Repurchase Agreement